We Firmly Believe

We Firmly Believe…


English as an InstrumentEnglish is just another instrument

We believe that the English language is just another instrument that you use to reach your professional objectives at work. Just like your computer, your phone, your car, etc and not a linguistic pursuit.. Find out more…



Grammar Doesn't CountComprehension is Key not Grammar

If you cannot understand the words being spoken or written, understanding grammar counts for nothing. BPiE stresses comprehension and relevant lexis. That is why every course is written for You, Your Company, Your Industry…Find out more…



Unique ContentThird Party Independent Certification is Important

We are so confident of our BPiE elevation courses which look to increase the level of English used, that we have independent third party certification. No other school of English does this, but then again they do not have BPiE Elevation ….. See Below Results…



For You, Your Company, Your Industry, Your Objectives


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We Tackle The Same Daily Professional Issues as You

Since setting up the group in 2009 Mark Olding have had to present, meet, telephone, write emails, negotiate in fact all the usual professional competences in Italian, not in English his mother tongue. He must do this as professionally and as effectively as possible. Every day the BPiE group operates in an environment in which our mother tongue language is not used extensively.


This is exactly like you!

We know the difficulties you tackle as we face the same ones

What Do Our Clients Say?

Relevant Issues
“What was our experience of Mark’s intervention? We learnt through studying real issues that happen in our daily professional life.”
Worthwhile Investment
“Investing in BPiE will bring economic results which last year after year”
Innovative Method
“We valued particularly highly the innovative method of coaching that went far outside the traditional offerings and was extremely effective”
Created for us
“We never wanted to follow the traditional course that is highly grammatical with little relevance to our real needs. Therefore we chose BPiE. Together we worked to identify the needs of our people and the company and created a course truly made to measure”
Unique Approach
“We needed something different from the traditional English language course: less academic and far more practical. ….an experience that we hope to be able to repeat soon”


Be Perceived In The Workplace As You Want To Be