Being Firm

This podcast really comes from a few conversations I’ve had with clients where because of my comments regarding trying to improve professional relationships at work, and some of the means and techniques that I use to do that; opening yourself up to people, sharing both passions and difficult periods, some of my clients began to believe that I was proposing that as bosses they should practically become emotional therapists at work.

That simply is not the case.

This podcast clarifies my view on the correct demeanour of a boss, be it a managing executive/leader of the company or manager, and how you can arrive at that ideal demeanour.


The Issue with Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Being Draconian or Harsh
    • Feeling of Injustice
    • Relationships Do Count
  • Being a Friend
    • You are not One of the Guys
    • Military Separation – Special Forces less so but Extreme Case
    • Join the Complaining? Do Not Tolerate It
  • Being Emotional
    • Inconsistent, Unpredictable
    • Boring is Good
  • Being Angry or Aggressive
    • Shouting = You Lose Respect
    • My Dad


Personal Perspective

  • At Work and Work is Money
  • Impossible to Make a Positive Difference if There is No Profit
  • Being Right or Doing What Works
  • Aim at Being Highly Effective
  • Aim at Knowing Your People
    • What Makes Them Tick
    • Why They Work in the Company
    • Their Dreams, Aspirations
  • Exchange of Power
    • The Work hierarchy
    • Communication then Respect then Trust
    • With Trust, The Power Exchange Works for Both Parties


Manager / Owner’s Perspective

  • A Quiet Strength
  • Dependable
  • Highly Competent but Not Necessarily in the Industry
  • Concentration on Work and Productive Use of Time
  • Highly Effective
    • Relationships
    • Activities



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