Big Boss Presentation

Last week I spoke about the different meetings and hence the different preparation and results that you need to assume for these meetings so that they can be effective.  One of these meetings that I discussed, was when you have an executive or an important visitor coming to your company or place of work and you need to give them a short presentation of what you are doing, what your department is doing or your area is achieving, or not.

This is what I call the Big Boss Presentation and the reason I wanted to do this podcast at all, is that this is a massive opportunity for you and not as most feel a burden to shoulder.  The chances of such a big boss maybe coming from abroad to your country to have this type of presentation is not common and therefore it is a great opportunity for you to demonstrate your professionalism.

This podcast will look at how to do this in an effective manner and will look at some professional courtesy as well that is required.


Bottom Line First – Again

  • A Way of Thinking – A Mindset
    • Communication is What the Listener Does
  • Taking the trouble to think about the Listener
    • Asking for something from your Boss – Resources:Podcast
    • Negotiating with Clients – Preparation: Podcast
    • After the Idea, STOP, now Convince others
  • Today’s Example from Podcast 34 Meeting no.5
    • Meeting to inform a visitor, or executive
    • Executive listens and ask questions + summarise
  • Subjects of Interest?
    • How You Achieved Something – HOW, HOW, HOW


Tell Your Boss

  • Big Event for You = Even Bigger for Your Boss
  • Irrespective of Good Boss or Bad Boss
  • Make His/Her Life Easier = One Secret to Have People Like You
  • Never Surprise Your Boss in a Meeting
  • They may not say anything at the time but they keep it inside
    • At Performance Review Time !
  • Easy to Do: “Is There Anything Here That He/She Will Be Asked About”
  • What is coming up – Context – Deadline – Help – Do Differently
  • Do the Same For Your Boss’s Peers.
  • Keeping Your Boss Informed is Good for Your Career


Tell Your Colleagues

  • Big Event for You = Even Bigger for Your Colleagues
  • Never Make Your Peer Look an Idiot in a Meeting
  • They may not say anything at the time but they keep it inside
    • The Next Meeting That You Both Attend
  • A Quick Telephone Call – A Quick Coffee
  • Enough Time For Them to Prepare


Think of Questions and Answers

  • The Presentation Went Very Well.
  • The Big Boss Comes Over to You Later on in the Day:
    • “Great Presentation. I want you to increase Profitabiity by 10% in 2 years”
  • Your Answers:
    • Thanks For the Confidence
    • If the Target is Impossible SAY SO – You are the expert
    • If it is Possible Ask For what you need to achieve it.
  • Do not ask for a bigger pay check, bigger office, higher rank !
  • Then Say You Will Contact Them in a Week to Dicuss It.
  • You have 1 minute to Change Your Career

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