Bottom Line First

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Is there one simple manner to reduce waste of time at work?
How to change your mindset to think of the listener?
How to reinforce this mindset change with your people?

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Say no to wasting time at work in our jobs: Have you ever found yourself in the situation where you are listening to a presentation, a meeting brief or simply someone speaking and you have absolutely no idea where the conversation is going? Have you ever wondered why people at work did not seem to give your ideas and recommendations the attention they deserve? Have you ever wished for more time to complete your tasks at work or better still to spend more hours in the day with your family? This podcast offers guidance on how to resolve these questions. It helps to be more efficient at work so as not to waste time in our jobs, concentrating first of all on the change of mindset that is required and then as always with Being Professional in English podcasts providing concrete and practical tools to put these solutions into action.


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    1. Thank you Sahil.

      The interesting part of this discussion is actually why I push so hard for my people to do this. It of course makes the company more effective and have more urgency, but do you know what is the biggest benefit ?
      You give yourself a better chance of going home to your family at a decent time rather than being at work too late. that is the biggest advantage !

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