What is BPiE Coaching?


People with a level of English at least a good pre intermediate (A2+) who need to develop skills in managing others or an entire business in a language that is not their mother tongue


Although there is much guidance on the internet regarding such skills there is none which takes into account the extra complications that another language adds.


The usual pattern is two engagements of each two hours duration followed by 6 months of weekly phone or video call back up. This is important as the real acquisition of these techniques will be in the practical use of them. Hence BPiE remains with you during this period where questions, issues and mistakes will occur.


To organise these courses face to face simply contact us below or see the timetable of on line face to face sessions we provide.

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[accordion_item title=”Essential Skills”]

 Build Relationships


Performance Communication

Talent Development


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[accordion_item title=”Executive Skills”]




Increasing Your Value

Knowledge Waterfall

Priority Management


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