What is BPiE Elevation?

What is BPiE Elevation?


Those that realise that their career prospects and growth will be linked to their competence in English. People that really do not enjoy learning languages but know that to reach their objectives they must learn to be professional in English.


Comprehension is key to language acquisition at BPiE, grammar is not as important. That is why we write every course for the company of our client as well as the industry in which the company operates.


Each jump in level requires an average of 50 hours face to face time for up to 20 participants. This means someone may go from zero in English to completely competent in a professional sphere in 6 months of studying 1 hour a day with BPiE. The levels and their objectives are: Elevation 1 which takes people from A0 or A1 to A2 Elevation 2 which takes people from A2 to A2+ Elevation 3 which takes people from A2+to B1


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What Topics are covered in BPiE Elevation?

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