Feedback: Common Mistakes 2

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What exactly is Performance Communication or Feedback?
Is there a model or system to follow for non mother tongue managers?
How to deal with pushback?

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The second part of our guidance on the more common mistakes made while giving feedback, or performance communication which is key to your success as a manager. If English is not your first language avoiding the mistakes mentioned in this podcast is crucial for your success. There are many sources of information as to how to give feedback to your people and each manager I have met has his or her own preferred method of doing so. Often however feedback does not seem to work as effectively as hoped. Today then, rather than suggesting that the method, or the structure of the feedback used is in need of correction I wanted to start the series on performance communication by looking at some of the common mistakes that made while giving feedback, irrespective of the method or structure used. My objective is to improve your method wthout causing you to change dramatically the structure you feel comfortable with. If you do not manage people at the moment and therefore have no need to give feedback this podcast will still be useful to study. You will gain an opportunity to reflect on how you might proceed in the future and also develop some insight as to just how difficult it is to provide effective feedback. You never know you might even feel some sympathy for your boss!


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