Keynotes are usually the opening speech at a meeting or conference. They are a more formal presentation directed to an audience and keynotes given by Mark are highly interactive. Keynote addresses outline issues that tie-in to the main theme of the meeting or that will be further developed later in other sessions. Mark’s Keynote addresses are lively, motivating, and insightful. Many last anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour.

Workshops are similar to a seminar or training program, and can be conducted as separate meetings or as a program within a convention or conference. Workshops are characterized by more intensive study and education. At workshops, participants have group discussions and hands-on interaction, such as demonstrations of how skills or ideas can be practically applied. Workshops allow people to develop a common understanding of how to do something. They can be any length; it is not uncommon to see a half- or full-day workshop, or even a workshop that extends across several days.

We offer keynotes and workshops on the following three topics: