Control and Substance


Past podcasts have looked at subjects like being firm, but being fair.  Not letting other people talk about problems in meetings without suggesting solutions.  I have spoken about starting on time, finishing on time.  I have spoken about holding people accountable when you delegate.  I have spoken about performance, results, honesty, integrity, increasing your value, and I am a little bit concerned that people might be getting the impression that I am suggesting a sort of robotic behaviour.

This podcast I am going to round the edges a little bit, fill the gaps, and what I am absolutely not going to do is that when I talk about family and when I talk about exercise, I am not just going to say well it would be good to do more exercise or, it would be good to spend more time with the family because that’s…you know that’s rubbish.  It’s obvious right, we all know that.  What I’m going to try and do in this podcast in a similar vein to all my other podcasts, is I am going to give the ‘how to’ achieve these:


Look After Yourself

  • Not a Life Coach : Results – Yourself – Family
  • Increasing Your Valuethrough Books
    • Professional Development Books Lack Soul – Hate Saying That!
    • Fiction – Not Biographies – Poetry
  • Exercise
    • When – Mornings Better – Business Exercise : Thinking/Meetings
    • Type – Yoga or Martial Arts Best – But Anything ( Walking)
  • Friends
    • Develop and Maintain
    • Not the same group, social circle – Remember “IF”
    • Dinners

Look After Your Family

  • The Obvious: Not Quantity But Quality
  • Quantity
    • Realising that you cant get everything done
    • Use Your Calendar – The 6pm Red Line
  • Quality
    • Women at Work Far Better at This
    • Men – “Be a Fucking Man”
    • Look Forward to Opening the Door : Kids
    • The Tree Outside Your House.
  • Forgive the Poem – IF


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