Delegate and Purge

Your boss has delegated to you. You have delegated to your people. But your people have no one to delegate to. This podcast explains how to tackle this situation in the most effective method while retaining control over what your area or department eliminates and in the process coaching those that work for you in management

This podcast came from a meeting with one of my clients. The owners of the company are trying to expand and put in place some more structure than was used previously. They understand that to grow anymore they must change. They must also find the time to think of the future and strategy and guiding, and implementing strategy as well.  I have  spoken about this in the lead programme, going from small and good to big and great.

But the help I have given to these owners now means that I must help the number 2 in this company to manage the great increase in his workload as the owners have delegated mush to him. The advice I gave him is contained in this podcast.


How it Comes About

  • Situation 1: Work Overload
  • Situation 2: Being Delegated Down To
  • Question is What to do with the Extra Work?
  • Situation 2 for today – Situation 1 requires other skills
  • Why is the Situation Necessary?
    • Time at the Top – Non Operative CEO
    • Enforces Regeneration
    • Encourages Flexibility


The Law of Productivity

  • Correct to Ask for a 10% Increase in Productivity Every Year
    • Forces Efficiencies
    • Forces Looking to improve Known Processes
  • Not Asking for too much ( not come in at 5am and leave at 10pm)
  • 10% is low, it should be nearer 50% !


The DASD Model

  • Helping them understand how decisions are made
  • Step 1: Ask For Data
    • Hours Worked by Project
  • Step 2: Ask for Analysis
    • In Order of Importance
  • Step 3: Ask for Suggestions
    • What can be dropped according to them
  • Step 4: Make a Decision
    • You Decide on what can be dropped
  • You Take Final Responsibility

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