Hiring the Best People

Today I’d like to completely step across the table and to look at the person who is responsible for hiring.  What they need to look for, what they need to concentrate on and give some guidance in what is an extremely difficult and indeed important aspect of any manager’s or executive’s role which is … hiring the best people.

In the last couple of months I have recorded a few podcasts on the series of interviewing and these have been done for the benefit of  people who are trying to find a new job and/or are about to go to an interview.

We have looked at  how to write an international CV, how to prepare for an interview and what to do actually in the interview itself.  These have been done from the point of view of the person who is hiring, not the inviewee.  What this person looking for in the CV, what are they looking for in the behaviour of the candidate during the interview.

How we Hire Defines Our Performance

  • Much Depends on Hiring the Right People
    • The Greatest Risk
  • Sends a message to everyone in the company
  • Liking Someone really does not count
  • HR Techniques really do not matter
  • But nothing can remove completely the risk

Before the Interview

  • Sit Down and Think Carefully of the Role
  • Not Job Description but the Assignment
  • Think ahead of the growth curve
  • Read the C.V.
    • Well before the Interview not 5 mins before
    • Poor Impression
    • Accomplishments not Positions or Titles
    • What have they achieved
    • Ask not what they can do or not, but what are their strengths
    • Are These strengths aligned with the Assignment
  • Never Rush – Start Now – Create the Bench

During the Interview

  • Set the Bar Very High
    • Always looking to hire better people
  • You start always with an answer of “no”
  • It is their job to convince you otherwise
  • Use the same questions for every candidate = Easier to compare
  • What news have you been following recently?
    • Ask questions – Superficial Knowledge – Interests
  • What book are you currently reading?
    • Does the person look to improve themselves – What book type
  • Tell me about your accomplishments.
  • What is the angle between the hands of a clock at 10 to 1?
    • Mental arithmetic
  • How would or have you tackled the following?
    • Real situation

After the Interview

  • Write down the strengths and if there are weaknesses
    • Only the weaknesses that impede the strengths
  • Remember you cannot build a company or department on weaknesses but only on strengths.
  • If the strengths of the person are aligned with the assignment they get the job
  • If Interviewing for someone else: write a report
    • Never talk about liking or not liking !
    • Emotions do not count here

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