If You Lost Your Job Tomorrow

If you lost your job tomorrow, what would you do?

If you were told the company is closing down tomorrow, what would you do?

Who are the people you would call?

As I mentioned in my podcast on Interviewing 70% of all jobs are found via contacts. This means that who you call to help you if you find yourself in need of a job is important. It is more than important for we are talking about your standard of living, the security of your family. This would be a major event and so the risk associated with being unprepared is high.

If you write a list of these people you would call, tell me: when was the last time you spoke to each one?

Now if your answer to this is a few weeks or months, then fine. But if your answer is several years, I wonder what makes you think that calling this person in your time of need would yield you the help you need. Of course they would take the call, but would they help? And why should they? What effort have you shown in them in the past, when you did not need anything from them?

Keep these relationships alive and start doing so now, not when you need the help.

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