Making Real Life Meetings Effective


This Podcast Answers These Questions

What ought to happen in an effective meeting?
Do our professional behaviours have to change?
What is the key to making real life meetings effective?


When English is not your mother tongue language and you must run or participate in meetings in English day in and day out, the amount of advice that you can absorb from the consulting or English language teaching world is vast and more or less useless! Why useless? Because despite all the best intentions the people teaching English rarely have to actively run meetings and the people consulting rarely have knowledge of meeting behaviours in a second language. Any guidance given is only worthwhile if the listener puts it into practice. And they will only be successful if the model has been used and refined in the real world.

Like all of the Being Professional in English series this podcast contains real life, practical advice from someone in exactly your position of needing to be effective in a language which is not their mother tongue. This particular podcast will give you a model to set up an agenda in minutes and how to use this new quick agenda to ensure 90% of meetings you run are effective.


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