Martino Valbusa


Martino Profile

Martino Valbusa is a CELTA qualified teacher of English and didactic professional who helps individuals and groups dramatically improve their linguistic confidence. On the one hand, he contributes to the creation of pleasing and productive professional rapport; on the other, he focuses on language content that will really make a direct impact on clients’ effectiveness and satisfaction.

Martino has gained professional experience within multicultural environments in a range of settings, sectors, and countries. With nearly 15 years’ experience through studying, living, and working in countries including Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany, Serbia, Ethiopia, France and Belgium, he has developed his professionalism both in the private and public sectors. During this time he has collaborated with SMEs as well as with some of the world’s most respected employers including United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs and Volkswagen Group.

  • When planning his sessions Martino can identify the aim of the lesson, including receptive skills sub-skills. He follows logical procedures for receptive skills that support and guide participants. He presents materials professionally and is able to analyse language items for teaching purposes.
  • When teaching, he easily creates a strong rapport with groups and individuals and is aware of everyone’s needs. He elicits effectively and gives clear instructions; he is able to adjust his speech to the level of the class. He provides abundant practice of new language items and it is particularly good to see him monitoring and doing useful correction.

Outside of family and work Martino has always been an avid music lover. His band is currently finishing recording their third album; the fourth is in the pipeline.