Powerful Public Speaking

There must be more guidance available on the subject of Public Speaking than almost anything else and most of it is disappointing. As usual there is much theory with little practical help for those who must speak in public. There is even less concrete guidance available for those who must speak publicly in English and who are not mother-tongue speakers.

This podcast aims to address this balance today by looking at a ridiculously simple technique to help you in this difficult area.

If you put into any search browser – and search for public speaking, you will have a list not as long as your arm but as long as your leg. One of the reasons why there’s a lot of guidance for it, is because there’s obviously a great demand. People hate speaking in public.

I thought about doing this podcast because recently I was with a client working with him on a presentation that he was about to give to his executive board. Our conversation revolved mainly around the structure of the presentation as opposed to his ability to speak in public. He’s a very accomplished speaker in his own language and his English is at an extremely high level. There were one or two things which came up during our discussions which were over and above the usual type of guidance that he had heard on public speaking.

The reason being is because he had done a few courses on public speaking in his own mother tongue language and yet  noticed a couple of things that I was telling him which were new. They were new because they were based upon the guidance needed to tackle this particular subject through a second language. Which is what we’re trying to do at Being Professional in English.

Oh and the presentation he gave went very well, so well in fact that he did not even go past his first slide! Bottom Line First.


Public Speaking

  • The Situations:
    • Presentations
    • Speeches
    • Meetings
    • Videoconferences
    • Teleconferences
    • Negotiations


What is Often and Not So Often Given Guidance On

  • The Usual Checklist:
    • Preparation
    • Your Helping Aids
    • Body Language
  • The Non So Often Mentioned:
    • For Presentations: The Point of Power
    • For Meetings: Seating Dynamics
  • Special characteristics for Non English Mother Tongue Speakers
    • Your Talking Speed


Speed of Delivery

  • Evolution of a Learner
    • Slow to Moderate to Fast
    • Confidence and the Fear of Pauses
  • What is the Correct Speed?
    • What Retains Your Audience’s Attention
    • Demonstrates Your Professionalism
    • Almost Everyone Will Tend to Speak too Quickly
  • Take a Break. Do You Agree With Me So Far?
    • Yes, I Get It !


The Technique That Works

  • Everyone’s Natural Pace is Different
    • Face to Face Session better !
    • Record Yourself and Measure
  • In Meetings:
    • Go Slow to Show Your Professionalism, Command
  • In Presentations:
    • Vary Speed to Stop Monotone Production
  • The Means:
    • A Piece of Paper !



  1. Hello Mark,
    I have lost a number of your podcasts that I had saved on my ipad and can’t manage to save them now. Is it me or is it no longer possible ? I also see that it doesn’t seem to be possible to go to a certain piece of a podcast and that you have to listen always from the beginning. Is that right ? I really appreciate your podcasts. Thanks.

    1. Dear Sandra,

      I did change the website look a few weeks ago but it ought not to have had any effect upon your saved podcasts. Are you using the Apple Podcast reader or are you using my site directly?


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