Presentation Preparation 1


Today we are going to talk about everything which happens before you actually make your presentation. This presentation I am going to talk about could either be in front of 5000 people, or it could be in front of just 2. The same techniques for preparation apply in both cases and particularly so when you are presenting in English which is not your mother tongue.

The ability to make a presentation, to speak in public, is valid for both of those two extremes of events that take place.

  • Why Presentations Are Important
  • Dividing Your Preparation Time
  • Knowledge and Data
  • Write the Slides
  • Practice


Why Presentations Are Important

  • Small or Large Company = No Difference
  • Senior Positions = Less Individual and More Encouraging Others
    • More Communication
    • Persuasion – Role Power and Expertise Do Not Work So Well
  • Therefore Presentations Provide a Good Testing Ground
  • High Visibility Unlike Your Day to Day Work
  • Concentrate on Your Effectiveness and Not on Your English
  • Giving You Back Breathing Space


Dividing Your Preparation Time


Knowledge and Data

  • Acquire All The Information You Can On Subject:
    • Your Expertise
    • Books
    • Articles
    • Internet
  • Remember The First Rule of Presentations: The Audience
    • What Does My Audience Need?
    • What do I Need To Persuade Them About?
    • What Data Supports This Objective?


Write the Slides

  • Complete Chapter on Presentation Visuals
  • Very Important For Non Mother Tongue Presenters
  • Highlight:
  • Bottom Line First
    • Usual = Data, Analysis, Conclusion
    • Effective = Conclusion, Analysis, Data
  • Flagging
    • Run Through Slides and Ideas With Your Boss and Peers
    • Especially Useful To Do This In English But Not Critical
    • Incorporate Debate in Finalising Slides = Consensus



  • Crucial For Non Mother Tongue Presentations
  • Time Consuming But Presentations Are Important
  • Stand up and Speak Out Loud.
    • Find Where Language is an Issue
    • Find Where The Argument is Weak
    • Improve Your Confidence
  • Visit The Room, or Hall The Day Before.

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