Presentation Preparation 2


Welcome back to the discussion on presentation preparation.  Last week we were talking about how you set about acquiring the data, putting together the slides and practicing as well as a few other issues.  In this podcast we will talk about the actual day itself of the presentation. The day you are actually going to stand up in front of people and, give your speech or presentation.

We will concentrate on your attire, what you wear and basically your entire look, not I hasten to add from the point of view of fashion, but simply making sure you do not make any poor errors of judgement which will make your presentation in English more arduous.



Why Presentations Are Important

  • Small or Large Company = No Difference
  • Senior Positions = Less Individual and More Encouraging Others
    • More Communication
    • Persuasion – Role Power and Expertise Do Not Work So Well
  • Therefore Presentations Provide a Good Testing Ground
  • High Visibility Unlike Your Day to Day Work
  • Concentrate on Your Effectiveness and Not on Your English
  • Giving You Back Breathing Space


Why Attire is Important?

  • Nothing to do With Fashion but Eliminating Clothing Disasters
  • Clothes, Hair, Make up, Shoes all Give Clues
  • Is that Right?
  • Audience Assumes you Took the Same Care of the Presentation as you Did Your Appearance.
  • Think Smart with Clothing but do not Worry Everytime


The What to Wear

  • Difficult to Give Default Options Here
  • Overriding Principle is to:
    • Dress to emphasis the Importance of the Event
    • Keep in Line With the Culture
  • Examples:
    • Usual Jeans -> Casual Trousers
    • Usual Smart -> Put a Jacket On
  • Women Clothing: Better a Trouser Suit
  • Women Shoes: Always Closed and Flat or Small Heels
  • Women Blouse:  No Cleavage, No Bra Visible


Personal Grooming

  • Look at Debretts
  • Haircut:
    • Choose a cut that suits your hair, style and age.
  • Shave:
    • Cut Throat Shave for Men: There is No Better.
  • Nails:
    • With well maintained hands, you gesticulate with confidence.


The Two Killer Behaviours on Stage to be Avoided

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