Presentation Q & A

This podcast looks as what is often considered the worst part of giving a presentation: The question and answer section.

The reason it is considered to be the worst part is simply that you don’t know what the questions are going to be.  However, like many things which are difficult, as I have discussed in the past, this is a fantastic opportunity to really show the difference between you and everyone else.  When something is difficult and we can, or at least I can offer you some guidance, some very practical and simple guidance as to be professional in the execution of an activity, then you have an opportunity to demonstrate your value, your professionalism to everyone else, which in a presentation could make a big difference to your career.

And that is what we’re going to do today.



  • Most people fear Q&A more than anything else.
  • First or Second Language because it is Critical
  • Reasons to be Brilliant:
    • Shows your expertise – If you are not an expert what are you doing there?
    • Shows your professionalism
    • Demonstrates your demeanour – Firm, Calm, in Control
  • Reasons to be Brilliant in 2nd Language:
    • Breaks up your monotone discourse – Powerful Public Speaking
    • Makes the presentation more interesting
    • They talk more = You talk less – Like Introducing People


Before You Answer

  • Encourage at the beginning for people to interupt you
    • Spreads the Q&A out giving a chance of a comeback if you make a mistake
  • Also leave a formal Q & A section at the end
    • Some people are shy – So watch the audience and ask.
  • Body Language:
    • Slight step forward
    • Don’t Cross your arms or clasp your hands: open out
    • SMILE


Answering Like a God

  • Unfortunately most questions are meant to hurt you and your presentation
    • That is why people do not like them when presenting
  • Types of Question:
    • Fear  –  Confusion  –  Delay  –  Ridicule
  • Your Response Strategy
    • Let the attackers into the discussion and let them go after you = Capture Attention
    • Keep your responses clear, simple and full of common sense = Mind
    • Show respect constantly. Don’t fight nor collapse nor become defensive = Heart
    • Focus on the whole audience and not only the detractors
    • Prepare for inevitable attacks – The bigger the issue, the greater the preparation


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