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Guidance on the most effective type of presentation slides given the constraints of time that we all face. This podcast will help you to demonstrate your professionalism in your mother tongue or if you need to present in your second language.

What this podcast will particularly address is something which you don’t see in any of the books on how to present in English, assuming that the person reading those books is not mother-tongue English.  All of these  second language books on presentations  miss the point terribly, it’s unbelievable.  The person or people who are writing these books who are obviously English, very rarely themselves have to give a presentation, some of them do but very rarely, and those that do have never had to give a presentation in a second language…because that opens up a whole new realm of difficulties which needs to be overcome.  Since they have no experience at this they can’t really give the correct advice. It’s not detriment of them, it’s simply they do not have the experience so they cannot give the right advise.  The advice they give is simply not helpful for when you have to stand up in front a crowd of people and give a presentation in a second language.

I would add to that, that most books which are written on presentations in English for people who are mother-tongue English, most i.e. 90% of them, are also wrong.  They are wrong because of their time horizon they talk about, of all which I will explain in  detail. This podcast will address these two issues; it’s going to look at the why and as usual in my podcasts, the how.  I am going to give concrete ways to approach this rather difficult skill.


The Most and The Least Important Part of a Presentation

  • What is a Presentation About?
    • Not Selling or Persuading BUT Connecting
    • Great Leaders Win The Hearts and Minds of Their People
    • Demonstrates Your Professionalism
    • Engineers Beware !
  • Time is Limited
    • Your Notes are in Text So Use Them
    • Why Use Up More Time Being Creative?
  • Second Language Reminders
    • Bullet Points are Great
    • Charts/Animations/Diagrams are Not Great


How to Present Them

  • Do Not Copy Whole Sentences Or You Will:
    • Read, Paraphrase, or Be Silent
  • Start With Your Preparation Notes
    • Use Them as Notes or Handouts
  • Distinguish
    • What Must Be Said vs. What Should Be Shown
  • Eliminate
    • Parenthetical Comments (e.g.s or i.e.s)
  • Edit
    • Sentences into Bullet Points
  • Describing a Process -> Use Imperitive Verb Form


Size Matters

  • Not Many Words Brings Two Problems
    • Reading
    • Too Small to See
  • If it is Important Enough to be on Your Slide, it is Important Enought to be Legible
  • No One Ever Complains if the Lettering is Too Big !
    • 20pt Arial + 2m Screen = Max Distance 9m
    • 24pt Arial + 2m Screen = Max Distance 14m
  • Just Go and Sit Down And Look At Your Slides

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