Professional English – Asking for Information


Professional English for those that use English as any other instrument of business (computer, telephone, email etc): The means to reach their objectives.

It is crucial to be able to ask about the facilities at any of the locations that professional is like to find herself in. Often these situations will be highly stressed for instance just prior to important client presentation and you need to know how to setup your projector, which room you will use etc.

Being in a stressful situation and not being able to usual mother tongue language is difficult I know what it’s like I have lived it.

This podcast aims to provide you with a single linguistic solution that you can easily remember.


When We Use This Function

  • An Important Function
    • Allows Us To Ask For What We Need
    • Short And Effective
    • Direct Without Being Rude
    • The Get Out Of Jail Card
  • Examples of Situations
    • Arrived at the Airport
    • Arrived at the Hotel
    • Setting up your presentation at a client
    • Relaxing into a negotiation


Does It Exist?

  • Business English Courses and General English Courses….
    • Give importance to whether the item exists or not
    • If it does you use ‘Where is….?’
    • If it does not or you are not sure, you use ‘Is there…?’
  • English Question Forms Can be Confusing
    • In our example the ‘is’ comes before ‘There’ but after ‘Where
    • Explanation is Difficult for some English Teachers
  • The Professional English Solution
    • Always use ‘Is there….?’ or obviously ‘Are there….?’
    • Forget ‘Where is…?’


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