Professional English – English Day 1

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Why so much English language training is a waste of money?
How to make it effective?
How to overcome the obvious difficulties?

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How to Effectively Maintain Your Competence in English without recourse to outside help. Yes that is correct, completely free and yet helps you maintain your English and improve your natural response time. A great deal of money, time and attention is spent on English language training. The vast majority of this training is to do with the improvement of people’s level in the English language. This has always seemed to me to be a very wasteful and ineffective process given the fact that the company has already spent a great deal of money on the training of these people. This podcast aims to introduce an action plan to break the above ineffective and wasteful process. You will see that it is free, that it will work, that it helps and that it is sensible.  It is an obvious solution.


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