Professional English – Introducing People


Today, we are going to discuss the linguistic needs associated with introducing someone to another person in a professional English manner. And that happens a great deal, particularly when there are overseas visitors to your home location.

Now, you’ve been asked to look after them, so the task of introducing them to other people in your company is yours. Your chance to make a good impression, both on the visitor and within your company.

The problem is how do you do it?

This podcast will answer this question.


Remember Where You Are

  • In professional environments there are only adults
  • Adults are more than capable of looking after themselves
  • Brief and Effective


This is….this is

  • Ask the question, Introduce X to Y, and what do you hear?
  • What is needed is Professional English – but why are we not taught this?
  • This is….This is….
  • A mother tongue professional should say this


Assume Nothing

  • Biggest Mistake possible
  • What is the worst that could happen?


First Names or Surnames

  • British and Americans prefer first names
  • If in doubt use surnames


The Etiquette of Gender and Seniority

  • Women should be introduced to the other person first
  • MsorMr
  • The more senior person should be introduced to the other person


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