Professional English – Owning Question Words


Professional English for those that use English as any other instrument of business (computer, telephone, email etc): The means to reach their objectives.

One of the greatest challenges faced by many of our clients is the capacity to comprehend exactly what others say to them in English. Often it seems as if English is composed of only one word, with no pauses, except for when it’s your turn to speak. We have experienced the same in learning our second language.

To help then in this podcast, we give a single, most effective tool for improving your oral comprehension, based upon our own experience and common sense.



  • Why is it so Difficult?
    • So many Variations
    • Dictionary Pronunciation – RP, Queens’ English, BBC English etc
    • Lack of vocabulary and Context
  • Just one long word.
    • The first Step with the second language
    • Advice Given is:
    • Time
    • Practice

The Situations

  • Structured
    • Where we can Predict the language used
    • Meetings, Presentations, Telephoning ( Yes we really Can ), etc
  • Unstructured
    • Where Predicting the language used is Highly Complicated
    • Socialising, Dinner, Small Talk before a Meeting, Negotiations etc
  • The Difference
    • Chinese TV Example
    • Structured = Comfort Zone
    • Unstructured = More Risk


The Solution

  • Question Words
    • Most Conversations travel a road full of Questions
    • Questions; What are the Principal Parts
    • Noun : which gives context
    • Question Word :  which gives direction
  • Understanding Improvement
    • Understand the Question Words means 100% improvement
    • Not understanding Question Words means ZERO comprehension
  • What, Where, Why, When, Who, Which, How


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