Professional First Impressions 1


First impressions count a great deal so why make demonstrating your value more difficult by ignoring the fact?

This podcast looks at those places where you can give the correct professional impression even before you begin to converse. Banal, obvious yet powerful techniques that anyone can accomplish. Each technique involves one of the crucial skills that we all in the workplace need to acquire and yet rarely do we receive guidance on these issues.



The Topics covered are:

How to Answer the Telephone


How to Leave a VoiceMail Answering Message



  • Personal Addresses
  • Signatures
  • Holiday Messages






  1. Dear Mark, I ve just subscribed to your Podcast and find it essential and very useful for me, since English is not my mother language. The first podcast I m listening is “Professional First Impressions 1”. And you arise question that I asked myself several times already: what to say when pick up the phone instead of “Hello/Allo/Wei” – English, Russian, Chinese styles.
    You see, your name-surname is not long and very melodic. So you can say it when pick up the phone. But mine is quite long, only my surname is Reshetnikova -12 letters:-) so I feel a little bit confused when pronounce it whilst pick up the phone. What can you advise here? Should I still say it? 🙂 Thank you!

    1. Dear Yulia,

      Thank you for the question, a great one.

      I would advise you say, “Yulia speaking”, and at the end of the word spelling raise the tine in your voice. I will try and do a podcast on this soon.
      Best regards,

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