Professional First Impressions 2


Here we conclude our guidance on Professional Impressions. The aim of the two podcasts has been to help you give the best first impression as possible. First impressions do count, so let us not make our professional pursuits anymore difficult than they already are, by starting on the wrong foot.

In this podcast we concentrate on first meetings, and cover correct attire, handshakes, opening doors and even seating arrangements at business lunches and dinners.



  • The Default Option for Men at Interview
  • The Default Option for Women at Interview


The Handshake

  • Why it Exists.
  • The Approach
    • Close the Gap with a Smile
    • Concentrate on the Web to Web Contact
  • In An Office Walk Around the Desk


Seating Arrangements

  • The Win Win
    • Best View for Them
    • Least Distraction for You
  • When to Start the Business Discussion
  • Careful in Unknown Restaurants



  • Not about Culture
  • About Respect for Others


The Overseas Visitor

  • Why Prepare?
  • What to Prepare?
  • What to Look For?
    • Impress and Grow





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