Professional Small Talk


This Podcast Answers These Questions

Why is the ability to conduct small talk important?
Why must it be professional small talk?


I am very glad that in these days of instant communication via e-mail or SMS that people are slowly remembering what our parents and grandparents always knew; success in business or indeed in life has much to do with the relationships that we have. A mutually advantageous relationship requires trust and you can only have trust if you have communication.

This is why in my opinion the ability to talk to someone on a non-business-related matter is a competence that is crucial to every successful professional.

This podcast briefly introduces three techniques which can be used to great effect and to render your small talk effective.

Small talk is the name given to the non-business related conversations take place in any gathering of professionals. The possible gatherings can range from pre-meeting conversations of a few minutes to an entire dinner lasting several hours. I cannot emphasise enough how many of my clients fear, no fear is not the correct word, find tiring yes find tiring the idea of conducting a dinner for three or four hours in English. It is almost more difficult to do this than to present in front of an audience of two or three hundred people in English.

The fact is that though the type of situation can vary a great deal the common feature throughout is the fact that your competence in this area is of vital importance to reaching your objectives. These objectives could be short-term such as the closing of the deal or being offered a new position if you are at an interview or they could be more long term such as the development of relationship with your peers and your clients which will last for a long time and bring benefits year after year


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