Remaining on Time and Subject in Meetings


This Podcast Answers These Questions

What is the correct balance between remaining on time and encouraging creativity?
What do you need to remain on time?
What are the language functions you need to use?



Meetings have a terrible reputation both for the lack of relevance and for the lack of time adherence, but it is difficult to manage a meeting successfully as running meetings effectively requires a great deal of concentration on the part of the manager. This is especially true if the meeting is taking place in your second language. We have already dealt with how to deal with negative participants in meetings in a previous podcast and today I will provide guidance on how to remain on time, which in the process, will gain you a highly professional reputation. Running effective meetings is an enormous subject. It’s one of the subjects that I have written down almost 50 different possible podcasts to talk about, and the reason being is that it’s a very difficult activity to accomplish. You have time constraints, hopefully, and we’ll talk about that in a little while. You have to manage people. If it’s a type of meeting where there are debates and discussion which of course, I hope, you have to manage people’s sometimes emotional state as well. You have to do an awful lot if you are managing a meeting and I think one of the reasons why, and actually, no, the main reason why meetings are considered by the vast majority of people as a waste of time is because of the lack of expertise, the lack of competence of the person who is managing it. It takes time to learn how to manage effective meetings and it’s difficult at first, and it has nothing at all to do with cultural differences. I have met just as many managers who are not capable of running an effective meeting in Germany as I have done in Italy. It’s not a cultural thing. It’s simply down to not knowing the techniques and maybe not appreciating the techniques.


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