Richard Hough


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Richard Hough is a teacher, researcher and writer with extensive experience in the field of public policy and legal affairs.

Richard is a CELTA qualified teacher and is particularly interested in activating learning through history, politics, economics and the law. He likes to use authentic and contemporary learning materials (including journal and magazine articles, speeches and interviews as well relevant legal documents and economic data).

Richard is at ease in both corporate and non-corporate environments. He is quickly able to develop a relaxed and friendly rapport with his students, creating an informal but productive learning environment. Before moving to Italy, Richard worked for the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh. Over a 10-year period, he was involved in the scrutiny of a number of landmark laws, including in the fields of criminal justice, land reform and industrial disease. He also developed knowledge and expertise of citizen engagement in the political process and, in partnership with academics from the Centre for Legislative Studies and the Journal of Legislative Studies, conducted primary research in the field of parliamentary petitions systems.

From public prosecutors to commercial litigators, Richard has worked with and coached advocates in both the civil and criminal spheres, honing their language skills and equipping them to operate in a multinational environment.

Outside of work, Richard enjoys running in the hills around Verona and reading, researching and writing about local history, particularly the Second World War. His blog on this subject can be found at