Thank You Notes

Without wishing to sound old fashioned or to be a grumpy old man, the decline of letter writing has also been accompanied by the loss of a wonderful behaviour, the writing of the Thank You Note. So much so that if done correctly today it can have a tremendously positive effect upon our relationships with people.

In the last few days coming up to Christmas, I have received quite a few requests from people as to how they may write Christmas Greetings, Seasonal Greetings, particularly via email and these requests really brought to mind, at least to me, the idea of writing ‘Thank you notes’.  The reason I say this is because most of the people who ask me about what to write in Christmas Card emails, wanted to add something in it regarding what had happened during the year; you know to thank a customer for their orders or examples like that.  So I thought about ‘Thank you notes’ and I thought it would be quite a good Podcast to write, particularly now, if I manage to publish this today, today’s the 22nd of December, then maybe some of you might be able to use it now for Christmas or in the New Year when you come back.

This podcast will discuss why you should consider writing thank you notes, when it is best to send them, using which medium and finally as always with CPE Podcasts a template that you can use.


Do We Really Need Guidance on This?

  • A Lost Behaviour
    • Introduction of Email has led to Gains and Losses
    • Speed of Communication and Vast Mailing Lists
    • Correct Structuring and Thank You Notes
  • Conversations When Young
  • Hours Spent Writing Thank You Notes as a Child
  • Time Spent Also as an Adult

The Best Time and Medium

  • The When
    • After Every Dinner
    • After Every New Meeting – Can Add Confirmations
    • After a New Contract or a Great Year
    • Never Ever Too Late: Particularly for Something Substantial
  • Using What Medium
    • Paper Better Than Email
      • Greater Impact
      • Personal
      • unusual
    • Email Better When?


  • Introduction: Dear X
  • 1° Line : Thank you for dinner yesterday.
  • 2° Line (Personalised) :  It was great to speak to you about your plans for next year especially regarding your enthusiasm for growth in 2012.
  • 3° Line (Repetition) : Thank you again for a wonderful meal.
  • Ending : Best regards,
  • Your Name : Mark


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