The First 60 Seconds


Presenting in English, whether in front of an audience of 1,000 or in a briefing for no more than 5 people, is a competence that any professional must master. It is difficult enough in your first language, the material, the slides, the body language, the audience reaction and, oh no, the question and answer section.  In your second or third language it is even more complicated.

This podcast, the first in a long series on Presenting, gives guidance on how to tackle presenting in English with a professional introduction.


Creating a Good 1st Impression

  • When Does the Introduction Begin?
  • Now
  • It is the Same Always
  • Creating a Good 1st Impression
  • Second Language
  • Creative
  • Human
  • What the Audience Wants to Hear
  • Why Am I Here?


What the Audience Wants to Hear

  • The English Template
    • Welcome and Thank you for attending
    • My Name is…………
    • My Purpose Today is to……
    • This is timely because…
    • In the presentation we will


The English Template

  • See Transcript


The Really Clever Part

  • The Really Clever Part (for briefings)
  • Old Man Doing Well
  • The ‘Pre-Look’
  • Incorporate the Feedback
  • Success is guaranteed

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