The Leap from Small and Good to Big and Great

The first in a series of podcasts that tackle the issues raised when an organisation begins to grow and communication starts to suffer. The larger the company grows the greater are the opportunities and equally the easier it is to lose that which made it good in the first place, rapid, flexible, consumer orientated.

Yet of course it is to a certain extent a “good” issue to tackle, at least there is growth you might say. But at the time it can feel as if the entire fabric of what made the company is falling apart. This podcast will, with some true stories followed by concrete guidance, help those that have worked so hard over many years and now find themselves on the threshold.


Two Characteristics of an Old Friend – Being Paranoid

  • Conversation with an Old Family Friend
    • Engaging Character
    • To Make a Difference You have to Make a Profit
  • “Just Because you are Paranoid does not Mean that They are not Out to Get You”
    • The 5% of Times When it Goes Wrong
    • Bill Gates and Steve Bulmer – “the 17th person”
    • Fear should guide you but it should be latent
  • High Levels of Cash
    • 40% of yearly costs
  • Very Short Term Risks Surrounded by Paranoia
    • When Times are Good and Bad


Two Characteristics of an Old Friend – The Long View

  • Why Have the Long View?
    • Allows to Prepare for a Changed Future
    • The Present is not a replica of the Past
    • Allows you to not make Decisions that are good Short Term but are Damaging in the Long Term.
  • The Process is Not about Predicting the Future.
  • It Is About Liberating People’s Insights
  • Quote from Tim Saunders P.112
  • But How?
  • When all You Seem to Be Doing is Putting Out Fires!
  • Particularly The Case For Companies About to “Make the Jump”


How to Find the Time

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