The Correct Use of Authority


What is the main driver of employee engagement?
Where is the line between authority, confidence and arrogance?
How to use authority correctly?


This podcast looks at various mistakes made with the use of authority and then provides concrete examples of when and how the use of authority can be an essential and effective tool in achieving results. The first in a series of three podcasts on “The Manager”. Many people become managers so that they can personally drive the business forward and bring great results to the company by stamping their authority over those that work for them. It is not that they necessarily enjoy controlling people but that they believe that exercising authority or their role power is the most effective way to influence others. These managers misconceive the nature and purpose of their formal authority that the company has given to them. Many think this is the centre of their work, the key manner to get things done. they believe that the role power defines them as managers, and some even think it changes who they are and their place in the world.


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