Friendly but not Friends


This Podcast Answers These Questions

Why being a boss and being a friend are incompatible?
How to overcome the paradox of needing relationships at work?
How to maintain exactly the right relationship?


To confuse being liked with being trusted or respected is a classic trap for all managers. This podcast looks at who usually falls into this trap, why it is the wrong place to be and how to maintain the correct balance between being friendly and being a friend, so as to have genuinely caring, human relations always remaining a little distant and focusing on the group and the work. The previous podcast we look at the correct use of authority and today we will look at the common and opposite extreme of those managers who choose not to use their authority but believe that being friends with people at work is the most effective means of influencing them. Short term it is, but medium to long term it can create many serious issues which will effect performance. The manager – subordinate rapport is one of the greatest challenges for a manager because it is a true paradox: caring, human but focused on work. Let us look at it together.


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