The Time it Takes to Say Thank You

Some people when they walk through the doors of work change from being kind and well-mannered to terrible grotesque abusers of the role power that they have in the workplace. Yet there is an impressive list of commentors from business and military walks of life, who have all accepted the fact that to achieve the most from both your life and your career, nothing goes as far as a little good old-fashioned politeness.

Simple activities such as “good morning” to all at work, to verbally showing your appreciation for someone’s work go a long way to creating the correct impression in the minds of those that you must influence so that you may reach your objectives.

The greatest human desire is to be appreciated but only if that appreciation is sincere.

So today I will look at this subject in greater detail, offering examples of when and how a “spoonful of sugar” will oil the cogs of society.


Daily Examples

  • The Opportunity to Visit Many Companies
  • The First Point of Contact
  • The Receptionist
  • The Corridor
  • Example A
  • Example B
  • If You Were Her Manager:
    • What Would You Ask Yourself?
    • What Would You Say To Her?


Ian Dury, “Reasons to be Cheerful”

  • The Joy of Giving
    • No exaggeration
    • Remember The World Has Changed
    • Firm And Fair
  • What Many physiologists Have Confirmed:
    • The Deepest Principle in Human Nature is the Craving to be Appreciated
    • Remember Our Receptionist
  • Nothing New – No Surprise
    • “Are You Nervous?”
  • An Impressive List of The People Who Thought This Way


What You Can Say and Do

  • First Point:
    • No Need to Wait Till You Are The CEO
  • Dale Carnegie – Book Sold 16 million Copies!
    • The Little Courtesies that Oil the Cogs of the Monotonous Grind of Everyday Life
  • Please, Thank You, Could You Please……. etc
  • At Dinner, Be Courteous to the Waiter – Interview!
  • The Most Important Part:
    • Sincerity
    • Luckily, Sincerity is a Choice Just Like Being Effective
  • Manager Giving Feedback


Late Examples

  • Doing This Will Enhance Your Professional and Private Life
  • The Visual:
    • Englishman’s Formal Politeness with An Italian’s Passion and Sincerity
  • You Can Change Your Life And Those Around You:
    • Tim Sanders – Saving the World at Work
    • Dale Carnegie – How to Win Friends and Influence People




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