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According to sociologists people make up their mind about others within the first 45 seconds of meeting them. Fortunately in the professional world you are sometimes offered the opportunity to remedy any mistakes that you may have made during this very short period. But I often ask myself, why make your objectives any more difficult to reach by making a poor first impression?

This podcast is the second in the series of guidance on professional presenting in English where I wish to concentrate on the key element of the presenting introduction, something which I briefly discussed some weeks ago in the podcast “the first 60 seconds”. This podcast will explain why and then as usual for CPE podcasts will explain how to really grab your audience’s attention.

Why make your objectives any more difficult to reach my making a poor first impression?

This is a question which I often find myself asking some of my clients when we discuss presenting of proposals or reports, or negotiations. In fact first impressions are so important that we do really need to consider them for all of the competences that we need to use as professionals.

I am sure that when you are speaking your own mother tongue language you take great care with the first impression you give. When you are presenting yourself in a second language and in this case an English, your concentration your…your energy is…is elsewhere.  It is with the construction of the language and when you have an environment of a presentation, negotiation, meeting an important public event it’s very difficult to keep your mind on this first impression.

This Podcast will help you by giving you a concrete and simple technique to use.


Why Introductions are so important

  • Impressions Count
    • World is made of impressions not of facts
    • The bar or the shoe example
    • Looked down upon because of language
  • First impressions are particularly important
    • Interviews
    • Presentations
    • All the professional competences we know
    • The 45 seconds you have


Why ‘This is timely because…’ is the key line

  • As a professional always think if you add value
    • Peter Drucker
    • Why should these people be here in front of me?
    • Can I justify the next 30 minutes of their time?
  • Presenting
    • The proof of why they are there
    • Grab their attention at the beginning, easier to keep
    • Holding their attention by putting it in terms of their benefit




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