Weekly Staff Meetings


This Podcast Answers These Questions

What is the structure of a weekly staff meeting?
What to talk about and what not to talk about?
Are there any training possibilities with this meeting?


Of all the types of meetings, the weekly staff meeting is one of the best to organise. If conducted well it will motivate your group and do more to build a team than almost any other pursuit. There are so many advantages to the Weekly Staff Meeting that it is hard to write them all down in a summary. One of only two meetings that I would recommend having every week, the Weekly Staff Meeting, is a simple, banal yet if organised correctly highly powerful method for keeping your team, your group all heading in the same direction. I had a conversation with a friend of mine and he was telling me about the company in which he works which is having a difficult time like many companies are. He was telling me about some of the internal structures they have. He mentioned that they had a staff meeting where they all get together to talk about things and it happens once a month. This astounded me and it really did. The idea that you get your group together once a month to talk about these issues or what is presumably important issues on a regular basis only once a month seemed quite strange. Therefore I wanted to do this podcast or it reminded me of doing this podcast on weekly staff meetings. We have done on a few podcasts on meetings but I’ve never really gone into depth as to how to participate, run or structure any of the very different types of meetings you can have. This is a good place to start and I hope you find it useful and enjoy it . The points for today. They are quite a few but I will try to keep this podcast down within 30 to 40 minutes as usual.


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