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My starting point for this guidance is that I see no reason why someone cannot look after themselves, spend time with their family and be highly successful at work. With that philosophy in mind how do we achieve it.

This podcast looks at the various misconceptions that most have which blocks their ability to manage this “balance” between family, life and work, and then gives various techniques to achieve the aim of more quality time outside of work.

Though I do not find it particularly comfortable giving guidance on how people might better run their lives outside of work, I meet many who are having a difficult time as they say balancing their working life with their home life. I covered this topic briefly in the podcast on Control and Substance but I wanted to look at it again and make some more recommendations which would be easier to locate for those searching the podcast list.

  • The Mistake Made at the Start
  • Life Family Work Balance
  • The Link With Priority Management
  • Techniques


The Mistake made at the Start

  • When Home Suffers so does Work
  • Google Search :
    • Family or Life comes After Work
  • You Cannot Compare These Two Concepts
  • Work is Important, You Have to Pay the Bills
    • Relegating Work to only that is Dangerous – The Sloth
    • Don’t Work where you are not Happy.
  • Especially Young People
  • My Boss will be Angry, My Family will Forgive Me
  • When My Phone Did Not Work, The World did not Change


Life Family Work Balance

  • Podcast 41 – How to Use the Time as Quality
    • Did not Address Finding the Time
  • Not Work Family, but Life, Family Work Balance
    • Without Your Health Family Time Quality is Impacted
  • All About the Investment of Time For Future Effectiveness
  • Just Like Other Techniques Spoken About


The Link with Priority Management

  • The Exercise becomes the Same as with Priority Management
    • Blocking Out Time: Chunks of Time
  • Priority List is 1° Life, 2° Family, 3° Work
  • Set Aside Time on Your Calendar for Your Life: no.1
    • If it is Important it needs to be on your Calendar
  • Sit Down With Your Partner and do the Same with Family: no. 2
    • Kids, Films, Dvd at Home,Sharing (Remembering the Earning Power)
    • Commit to These “Appointments” Just Like at Work
  • Then Fit in What you have to do at Work: no.3
    • This Does Not Mean You Are Not Doing Your Work



  • Red Line on the Calendar
    • Respect it
    • Choose Smartly as you approach the Line
    • “If you wait to the last minute to do something, you will get it done in a minute”
  • Be Effective by Using Your Calendar More
    • Priority Management
    • Busy does not Equal Effective
  • Email If Necessary Done Before Bed
  • Work After Your Family Are in Bed
  • After Work Dinners, Try to Go Home First

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